Saturday, August 19, 2017

[youtube] Songz is prepping to release his latest album Chapter V next month, and he takes to Jimmy's late night show to offer up a live performance of its lead single.

[vimeo 46408601 w=890 h=501] Chaining Day from Gneiss Pictures on Vimeo. "In this digital world...everything happens so fast...I had to take a step back." Cole has notably been absent from the scene, and above is an...

[youtube] HardknockTV's 7th anniversary featured a dope performance from the underground's finest, as they perform their collaboration from THURZ' most recent project.

[youtube] The night before Banks drops his V6 project, Fab shows him off to a sold-out crowd at Bowery Ballroom.

July 12, 2012 - Myspace is happy to announce a FREE Secret Show starring GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer B.o.B. at Highline Ballroom in New York City on Sunday, July 22. Free tickets will...

Okay, so, last year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival was quite legendary. Q-Tip "and friends" turned out to be a slew of hip-hop mercenaries such as Busta Rhymes himself, Kanye West, and Black Thought. ...

[youtube] Its been said I'm a little Brooklyn biased, but the fact is the best singers, rappers, designers, writers, actors, athletes, and generally cool people come from Brooklyn. Check the stats. In this video...

[youtube] Ziplock returns home to Richmond and performs his notorious Exodus 23:1 cut for his hometown.

[youtube] Gambino hits the Tennessee stage and runs through a slew of his hits that Billboard was on hand to catch.

Meek & Drake turn up on the Club Paradise tour for a live performance of their soon-to-be summer smash.