Alanah Naquai is a singer/song writer hailing from Queens, New York. 

Alanah describes her music as “Alternative Rock”.  She says it’s because she is a rock star who sings so much more than rock music! She definitely has a sound and style that defies any label.  Alanah’s own musical tastes include the likes of Lauren Hill, Beyoncé, Drake, Tamela Mann, Fab, Rihanna and Adele; And like them, Alanah wants you to feel their soulful, sensitive and thoughtful influences in her own music. Her hopeful wish is to be the soundtrack of your life, whether helping you celebrate love, get over heartbreak, join you on your spiritual journey, or inspire your next work out or turn up!

Alanah can be found performing in and around the Washington DC metro region at such venues as the Wonderland Ballroom and Club Manor as well as in NYC at Brooklyn’s own Paint & Poetry and Moniques Lounge.

At only 19 years old, Alanah has already caught the ear of Grammy award winning producer, Easy Mo Bee.  Look out for their new smash hit, Mary Jane, coming soon on Tidal and iTunes.

In addition to her musical career, Alanah is an accomplished make-up artist/entrepreneur who owns her own business, Beat By Lanah. You can catch some of her slayage on IG @BeatByLanah.

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