Born and raised in brooklyn,  Money Mark is on is way to the top in the hip hop production world. Mark always wanted to produce music since the age of 9. Not knowing where to start, by the age of 17 Mark was introduced to the music production program FL Studio (fruity loops) by a friend who produced music as well. Through out the summer of 2010, Mark stayed in doors and gave majority of his time to the program. Mark learned to count bars and play the keyboard on his own. As time went, Mark went on to compete in the Istandard  producer showcase in April 2016. Battling 20 of the hottest producers in NYC, Mark secured a win and took home the crown. Mark then competed in the Istandard “Beast of the Beats” In Los Angles December 2016 . After getting eliminated in round 2 Mark worked even harder, putting more time and dedication into music.Mark cites just blaze, Kanye west, Timbaland, and araab muzik as major influences.

Twitter : @Iam_MoneyMark
Snap Chat: MoneyMarkBeatz 


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