ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: @FacedotOfficial


Kenneth Paulino a.k.a FaceDot , is a very talented unsigned artist representing Williamsburg Brooklyn,New York. Born in Brooklyn hospital and raised in a neighborhood called the “Southside” also known as ” Los Sures”. This neighborhood wasn’t always as pleasant as it seems to you now. Growing up there at the time the streets would be full of drug addicts,violence,and biker gangs. Many great childhood memories were left there because at the age of 13 FaceDot moved to the Bronx where he recorded his first rap song. Inspired by hip-hop at a young age from artists and rap groups such as CNN, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Fabolous, and Wu-Tang. In the mix of it all FaceDot then ran into some obstacles where he had to spend 3 years of his life in Juvenile Jail. Going through that situation was a life experiencing process that molded him to the artist he is today. As life moved on, at the age of 27 is where he pursued his rap talent again and took it seriously. Now he has mastered his craft and definitely has created his own sound with his gritty raps, phenomenal freestyles, harmonization, and creative thought process. As of right now he has a mixtape out on titled “Everything Onlife” and is currently working on his new mixtape titled “Everything Onlife Vol.2”. Also, his music gets played on on the Dj Gyvis show every Saturday from 9-10pm

IG: @Facedot_official 


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