Hashim Bing, professionally known as Stereo H, was born and raised in the Bronx. At the age of 14, he moved to New Jersey and it was during this time that he was exposed to the art of making music by a DJ friend. 

Determined to rock the mic himself; (H.) would sneak into the DJ’s studio (when he wasn’t there) to use the equipment. Taking that risk paid off, because now years later he no longer has to sneak into studios.  

His debut album “Revenge & $$$$$” came out after a series of appearances on the underground jewel 2010_AD & BDS: BoonDox Saints (as one half of the group).

After getting the nod from such greats as Ralph McDaniels & Red Alert (who appears on his single “Red Alerts Revenge”), (H.) prides himself on his great range and is excited to share it with his fans. From hardcore beats that you might want on your iPod when you’re at the gym to R&B and Hip Hop ballads that you’ll pump in your whip…

Stereo H definitely has something that will keep you nodding your head and hitting repeat.

One of his favorites is “Boom Baptize,” a song that displays his lyrical abilities.  You can find it on his new album: “Uncrowned KING” (available only on itunes).  Inspired by those who never fulfilled their potential by circumstances out of their control and those who’s lives have  been cut short by recent police brutality.  Featuring the title track  “Uncrowned KING” and the hit singles, “NOTs” and “Thank GOD” (featuring the incredibly talented & legendary Maysa Leake).

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