Check Out This Cool Way For Digital Crate Digging With @GetKado



Here we have KADO, a small macOS app that gives suggests tracks to buy based on whatever you’ve dragged and dropped. In the past, we’ve seen apps that try to help you choose what songs to play next, and apps that help you transfer your collection between DJ software. Soon, you’ll be able to try out KADO, a small bit of software that’s designed to help you crate dig online by giving you suggested tracks based on what file you just dropped into the app.

KADO works by scanning a huge database of DJ sets that have been uploaded online and working out who played what tune before/after your track, and within the same set. The list relevance is sorted based on data like key and BPM to help you even further and you can tell it to just suggest tracks from your collection for a bit of inspiration. It’s actually quite clever, really.

Thanks to a service login account, the app also lets you save tracks to a crate for future review, as well as preview the tracks and buy them on Beatport or search Google for other options.

You’ll be able to play with the macOS beta from 6 December, with a Windows version expected sometime after January, once the open launch happens. The service will be free for 30 days, and then $9.99/month.



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