WATCH: @Jeezy Feat. @FrenchMontana – GOING CRAZY (Video)

WATCH: @Jeezy Feat. @FrenchMontana – GOING CRAZY (Video)


Just weeks after proving he was “Bout That” alongside Lil Wayne, Jeezy is back with a new video off of Trap or Die 3This time, he’s teaming up with French Montana, and the two rappers are “Going Crazy.”

The “Going Crazy” video, which you can watch above, finds Jeezy wearing a shirt with his old-school “snowman” logo (the one that The Man tried to ban), and French rocking a sweatshirt that says “Stop Blaming Muslims.”

In an interview with Complex published last month, Montana spoke out against now-president-elect Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims.

I don’t feel like everything he’s doing is bad… But not these extreme measures that he’s doing, not stopping a whole race. I feel like anyone with some common sense [can see that] he’s hiding a lotta things that he will do if he do get in that position. It’s just like the tip of the iceberg he’s showing people.

I feel like Trump made [his campaign] bigger than what anybody thought, and that comes from him being a businessman. He used to selling Trump penthouses; he know how to negotiate. It’s good to manipulate, if you have positive thoughts. When you manipulate something and you have a dark heart, it’ll reflect on the country as a whole.

In the “Going Crazy” clip, Montana and Jeezy find themselves in a huge warehouse, surrounded (naturally) by a beautiful woman or two. The video was directed by Pilot Industries and the track was produced by D.Rich.



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