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As an 11 year old , Mista Sinista’s first influence was the sound of his father (a DJ) spinning old breaks in his house. Naturally interested in the art form, the Hip-Hop sounds of Mr. Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert (on New York’s WBLS and KISS FM), soon captivated the Queens, NY youngster. In February of 1986, Mista Sinista practiced on audio tek turntables, then soon after received Gemini 1200s from his friend World and spent the next few years practicing religiously. Mastering the aspects of scratching and mixing was an obsession, as the young deejay honed his skills. In the summer of 1991, Sinista met Dr. Butcher, a legendary Hip-Hop deejay, who was also from Queens.

Asking Mista Sinista about the importance of this relationship, he replied, “Dr. Butcher had skills that were far advance of anybody I knew at the time”. His new-found mentor took Sinista under his wing and taught him the art of turntablism. With Dr. Butcher’s teaching, Mista Sinista’s skills started to greatly evolve.

In July 1992, when Rob Swift (another student of Dr. Butcher) entered the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista was on stage assisting him. Rob took 1st place and Sinista was able to witness first hand what a battle routine was all about. Inspired, Mista Sinista who was by now a member of The X-men, started competing the following year. Coming in as runner up in the 1993 New Music Seminar Battle, and also in the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista attracted a lot of industry attention. Then in 1995 Sinista’s controversial DMC performance (which included the classic “Method Man” routine) led him to his 1st DMC championship. shortly after his big win Sinista was booked for many gigs, from scratching on artist albums and touring the world with Common and The Beatnuts.

Throughout the next couple of years, he gained a reputation for being one of the best tour and scratch deejays in the world (check Common’s “Resurrection” LP for some of the best cuts ever recorded on a Hip-Hop album). His work was also highlighted on

Fat Joe’s sophomore release, “Jealous One’s Envy.”

In 1996, Mista Sinista returned to the DMC and took the DMC USA final 2nd place title. He also continued his studio work, recording with Al’ Tariq of the Beatnuts and produced his good friend Kukoo Dabagabonez 1st single titled Real Kukoo. The following year, Sinista rejoined forces with Common for a few tracks on his new album, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”. With touring and studio projects in abundance already, Mista Sinista began to partake in the recording of the X-ecutioner’s debut album “X-Pressions” on Asphodel Records. Around the time of this release, some of the X-Men working on X-Pressions renamed themselves the X-ecutioners.

With the critical success of this album, as well as the growing buzz of the crew, the X-ecutioners secured a recording deal on Loud/Sony. “Built From Scratch” which was finally released in February 2003 and was viewed as a groundbreaking album for turntablism. Soon after, Mista Sinista left the group to pursue several ventures.

From (2005-2014) Sinista went through some hard times which can be read about in the in-depth Frank151 interview.

Then in 2015 Sinista regrouped, got back on his feet and got under new management. Now with long time friend World and his business partner Eitan Noyze, Sinista has a new single out titled

(Life Without Fear)
Turntable Opera

He even released a new mixtape title (Stuck in the Past)

which pays homage to his comrade Roc Raida. Moving forward Sinista is working on His new podcast and his new LP.

For tour dates & performances, press kits and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Craig Worldarama Bryant or Eitan Noyze at 2122524201

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