Check out the new DAFT PUNK FIGURES dropping in 2017


Daft Punk merchandise has been aplenty in recent months, with the French duo adding jackets, original Alive 2006 t-shirts and bandannas to their store earlier this month (7th July), after rings in the shape of their iconic robot helmets, caps and skateboards went on sale in March.

But action figure manufacturer Medicom might have just topped the lot with their new Daft Punk product, which depict Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in their ‘Discovery’ outfits, complete with light-up helmets.

The new Medicom Daft Punk action figures are due out in May 2017, You can marvel at their beauty below, and pre-order them here.

While you wait for them to start shipping, take a look at Aneta Dolega and Dominik Bulka’s stunning infographic that charts Daft Punk’s career from failed indie band Darlin’ to dance music-making robots.

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