WATCH: @KylaImani – #SweetTea (Visual EP)


If you take one look at the television or a listen to the radio, it’s easy to be concerned, if not down right scared for the next generation. There are very few images in mainstream media that affirm how fun, yet challenging it is to simply be a regular kid.

Fortunately, Fourteen-year-old Kyla Imani of Brooklyn, NY is not a regular kid. The multi-talented teen recently gained notoriety with her own take of Beyonce’s 7/11 video, garnering over 1.2 million views to date. As a follow-up, Kyla has released a collection of original content in her own beverage-inspired visual EP entitled “SWEET TEA.”

Kyla writes,

when life gives you lemons put a slice in your sweet tea

Connect with Kyla Imani:

Instagram: Kylaimani
Twitter: Kylaimani
Facebook: Kylaimanimc
Soundcloud: Kylaimani
Flipagram: Kylaimani
Soundcloud: Kyla Imani

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