#TAGSandHASH (ECTO) Presented By @Thevandalhour


Wasup I’m Ecto. I’m a graffiti artist from New York. I grew up in Brooklyn and was inspired by the graffiti from  the 5 Boros. As a kid anytime I went out with my parents we would take the subway. There was plenty of graffiti on the subway cars inside and out. All I would do is try to read what’s was written on the trains.

There are a couple of writers that have influenced me: Easy RIP Joz JA RD as a writer everyone says to be original but in actuality your taking in some of what you see on the streets. And that’s who I saw on a constant basis every where. There’s plenty of other writers that have influenced me as well but many to name.

I started to write back in 1994. I was so into Ghostbusters that I just picked ECTO. Plenty of my childhood friends used to write so that was the battery n my back to pick up a can. I’ve been so into the tagging it’s really the essence of graffiti from the beginning.

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