Check Out @Wearenovation LAUNCHPAD V2.O APP (Video)


Novation’s Launchpad for iOS app is rapidly becoming something of a bit hitter in the production community. It has metamorphosed from a creative scratch pad into a full blown music creation instrument with each update. Now at version 2.0 the iOS version of Launchpad has now got a host of new additions that means this nifty little app is even more endowed in all the right places.

Some of the new features include Real-time stretch audio engine – performers can now change tempo whilst playing without changing key. Mobile music makers can now use Launchpad for iOS as an addition to any DJ rig, live performance setup, or simply just for even more fun. The effects have been redesigned to adapt intelligently as the tempo changes.

There is now support for Ableton Link which means users can jam in sync with your other apps, devices or with Ableton Live.

And now it is even easier to share your creations using the new ‘Open in’ command


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