#TAGSandHASH (SADE TCM) Presented by @Thevandalhour


SADE TCM painted and “bombed NYC trains and streets in the early to mid 80’s. He was “schooled’ by known NYC “writers” such as RUSH MPC, REST MPC, G-MAN PGA, GEE-SKI TR, PRESWEET TR, COSE TDS, BEO TDS, BEAR 167 and KASE 2 TFP amongst a few others. Through regular interactions with these legendary writers, the “rules” were passed on to him for what it took to become a “writer” and make a mark in the underground days. Today he is a strong advocate for the study, reverence and preservation of all history, the foundational elements and style and the techniques of early 80’s New York City Funk styles.

Having become fluent at the art of “letter bending” SADE TCM earned the high honor of having been nicknamed the Junior King of Styles by KING KASE TFP of “Style Wars” fame. He was also nicknamed the Battle Warden post train era for his battling prowess and preservation of the battling tradition and rules for battling by the Legend of Legends PART of the world famous “The Death Squad” writing crew.

SADE’s message to all writers worldwide, “it’s important for our culture that we strive to preserve this amongst many traditions. The past defines the future and the future defines the past. To diminish one is to diminish the other. Recognize. All you young so-called graffiti thugs, fall back…it isn’t that serious anymore. All you old jacks re-writing or writing a new history for yourselves…show your flics or shut the fuck up!… Fuck keeping’ it real…keep it right, keep it clean, keep it graff and let your style speak for itself! Step out there and earn your fame in the ways of the old school masters because “there are the rules to this shit!” Keep our battling tradition alive, elevate your style, push yourself to be the best, to be different, and to be creative no matter what lane you choose. Be the style master, bomber, writer that you know you can be and above all ALWAYS go to battle because it’s always a battle…no matter what!

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