#TAGSandHASH (STEM YNN) Presented by @Thevandalhour


My interest in graff started in 1981 but i always drew from comics.  1985 is when i got serious about graft and came up with the name STEM, which was my favorite baseball team name backwards(the mets).

In 1988, i met HOPS and FBOOM at Washington Irving high school and got more into piecing and motion tags on the trains.  I bombed mostly Brooklyn at that time and met dudes like BARES, and later i meet BIES—which was around 1991.  I started spreading out bombing with my boy BEEMS MDS, who was my first bombing partner instead of going out bombing by myself which i usually did.

In 1996, i started branching out with the crew YNN which i created with BEEMS earlier on.  Actually, my first crew was UFA……..which later turned into YNN.  I also bonded with my boy H2O and extended YNN, which is very large crew as you can see these days.

Nowadays i still bomb, i still piece constantly, and I’m always doing black books. STEM YNN

Screenshot_2016-05-31-23-27-20-1 Screenshot_2016-06-01-15-02-40 Screenshot_2016-06-01-15-03-08-1 Screenshot_2016-06-01-15-03-48-1ste


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