Hailing from Queens, New York rap artist X-YLE has been a name in the hip hop community for a number of years. Being influenced by artists such as DMX, Nas, and many more, he has garnished a hip hop sound of his own.  This all has landed him recognition from his home state of New York, as well as traveling south to Baltimore, and even to the Midwest in St. Louis. His versatility allows him not only the hardcore rap audience, but his smooth delivery catapults him into the Hip Hop/Soul scene. 

 Beginning at the young age of 11, X-YLE (Donald Patterson) had been driven by his interest in music. Performing, like many before family and friends, he is now showing off his electrifying talents to thousands. Not only is he a talented artist but, a profound song writer who chose to stand out on his own accord (hence the stage name X-YLE).

 With a plan, this artist has set out to give his career longevity. X-YLE is an Underground Music Award nominee, has had his music played on Power 105.1. and was featured on The X-YLE has been interviewed by Jack Thriller for This Is 50 and did a live performance with Tony Yayo of G-Unit. He has done shows for Violator, Street Sweepers, Bad Boy, G-Unit, Interscope Records, Def Jam Records, Power 105.1 (New York), Hot 97.1 (New York), and The Source Magazine. This has allowed X-YLE to hone his craft. X-YLE has the ability to control the audience with his crowd interaction, slick delivery, and demeanor. He also gets the industry motivated by his hardworking attitude, which results in him receiving the attention of label executives, and management companies. 

 So if you aren’t knowledgeable about this young man, the songs he has created, and the buzz circulating this artist you are not in the loop of the ‘New’ New York Hip Hop. With various appearances and shows coming, you will have every opportunity to see why this is the next artist to make strides from the “Rotten Apple”. X-YLE continues to move his brand and music. He is available for contact, and meetings.  

Single Press Release:

X-YLE plans to take the music industry by storm with his new single “HERE WE GO”. This Queens, New York native combines the upbeat tempo of sunny California with the flow and cadence of the heart of New York. Influenced by enjoying life,”HERE WE GO” takes you on a detailed ride about just having fun on a day that’s been well deserved. The song is produced by MR. FINGAZ. Credits include Joe Budden,Ja Rule,DMX,Jay-Z and more.This is the 1st single off X-YLE album “GREY AREA” set to release March 2016.
NEW LP: GREY AREA June 30th 2016


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