LISTEN: @Iamlildonald – F@#% PANDA (Audio)


Future’s artist Lil Donald is not happy about Desiigner sounding like his boss, and he hopped on the “Panda” beat to take some serious shots at the Brooklyn rapper. 

The Freebandz signee dropped F@#% Panda, a dissed aimed at Desiigner earlier today and took aim at his credibility as an artist. “The guy ain’t never been in Atlanta in his m****erf***in life. Talking about he got broads down here,” he says before dropping the opening bars. He even references Kanye West during the first verse. “But why you keep f***ing with Future. You know you not f***ing with Future. Kanye come get this lil n****a. He gonna make me f*** up his future,” raps Lil Donald. He also jokes about Desiigner throwing up at a concert and saves his most direct shots for the end. “I ain’t gonna say nothing else. F***ing stealing ass n****a. Unoriginal ass n****a. Donald. Not Panda. Donald,” he yells at the end of the track.

Desiigner has openly acknowledged comparisons to Future in the past, and showed respect for the “Commas” rapper in an interview with Complex. “God gave him a blessing, but he gave me a blessing too. I ain’t gonna doubt the man’s music. He make beautiful music too. Music is made everyday. Big ups to him, big ups to Future. I actually like Future’s music. I like his music, you feel me. I’m not a hater or critic of him, you know, I do me. God bless him, God bless me,” he said when asked what he thinks about people saying he sounds like Future. However, there were a few instances where it seemed like Desiigner was baiting the Atlanta rapper. He once released a song called “Pluto,” which is also the title of Future’s debut album. Another time, he mocked Future’s latest mixtape cover “Purple Reign” by photoshopping himself onto Prince’s original album. Future never commented on Desiigner’s antics, but it appears that Lil Donald has stepped in the gap for his O.G.



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