MaskedManLB also known as “The Man in the Iron Mask” is a Lyrical Dark Rapper with a diverse cannon and hunger unseen in the rap world today. MMLB grew up in a single parent home with no father in the East NewYork section of Brooklyn. He started his path in music by battling up and coming rappers in his neighborhood and outer areas of NYC. After the death of a close friend, MMLB decided to hang it up in the battle ring and hone his skills as writer and a potential artist in Hip Hop. At the age of 12, MMLB bought his first album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” by DMX in 1998, which helped motivate him to spend the next 9 years of his young life to writing material that would build an array of music for his approach in the music industry today.

In these two recent years, MMLB adopted the Mask people would know him by today and continues to awe and amaze us with his writing potential and lyrical content. Slowly becoming a threat as a Hip Hop Juggernaut in the underground music scene, but quickly rising to the mainstream audiences alike.

MMLB has created a following known as “The Darkside”, only describing it as way of thinking, to no longer follow the ones before us, but create a path as close to perfection by having faith in ones self.




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