#TAGSandHASH (PAPO DTF) Presented by @Thevandalhour


I started writing in 1989. I came up under JATER YCK and SINS DNC (rip).  I caught some wreck, nothing crazy from 1989-1991.  I was a super toy lol. I kept practicing on my style—practice, practice, practice, practice. By 1991, I met RAY BWH, RT DTF, VAN BWH, EVER NVA and AZ DTF.  I started getting better with my style.  I bombed from 1991-1996. I was forced to stop writing around 96’ because of legal troubles. I came back out again from 1999-2002. CHE and ASP(rip) tried to bring me back out but I had a lot going on in my life, I couldn’t be consistent. Around 2010, I got back in contact with EVER NVA after almost 20 years. Again, I played with the idea of making a huge come back but couldn’t. Around 2014, I said fuck it and went H.A.M!!!! the rest is history. I do this cause I love this shit! I do this first for the culture……….the fame is cool, but the fame and all the other stuff is second! Papo DTF







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