WATCH: @Nas Presents THE LAND (Trailer)


A new trailer for the Nas-produced skateboarding drama The Land dropped today, and it gives us a deeper look into the Sundance Film Festival favorite. We see the crew of ragtag skateboarders as they pursue their dreams and get wrapped up with a local drug ring in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. After they happen upon a stash of molly, they flip the drugs for cash to help their families. This doesn’t sit too well with the drugs’ owner, a mysterious woman named Mama, who sets about trying to reclaim her property by any means necessary.

The movie, written and directed by Stephen Caple Jr., stars Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams (The Wire), Machine Gun Kelly, Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Moises Arias, Rafi Gavron, Ezri Walker and more. It will also feature original music contributions from the likes of Kanye West, French Montana, Pusha T, Jeremih, and the film’s own Badu, MGK, and Nas. Nas will serve as executive producer for both the film and the soundtrack.



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