#TAGSandHASH (CURT) Presented by @Thevandalhour


 1995 was when I first started noticing acronyms behind people’s tags in my part of Brooklyn, YKK was everywhere. Skuf, Kez, Noxer, Arive, Fabe, Astar, Spot. Everywhere, and I felt I was entitled to push YKK too. Down by geographical association. Bedford Stuyvesant & Bushwick. I lived on Mac Donough St. bet Ralph & Howard so I was good.  I just started pushin’ YKK without no authorization, not knowin’ no one yet, just like that. Then I met Skuf & he grilled me to who put me down & I ain’t supposed to be pushin’ that, but I still did. about a year later I mets Kez5 & we became fairly cool. all the time in between tho, I was runnin round w/Drag, rackin Touch N Tones from Woolworth bombin’ the Wilson freights everyday for like a summer straight. Through the next few yrs, I met every other written down w/YKK & became cool enough that I was invited to people’s dwellings, meet family etc.

I’ve more or less always been out & about dolo but the times that I was invited to accompany them doing whatever it was we did those nights, I cherished every minute. YKK defines NYC Graffiti culture. I inherited everything from my crew, the friendships, the beefs, the little bit of fame I got from it, and I embrace it all. I never claimed to be all-city or king of no train line but if you are, and you know my name, you seen my few fill in’s & tags here and there, then I’m good. mission complete.

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