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The Infamous Ovie One was born in Washington Heights uptown Manhattan. At the age of six he moved to the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx,where he was raised at the age of 10 he discovered graffiti.He grew up surrounded by graffiti with such writers like the legend Tracy 168 and hardcore bombers like Med, Kaze 2, Saze, Alroc and Crime2 living in his neighborhood. These artist represented a new era in New York City graffiti. lead by Cope2 the legendary king of K.D. (Kings Destroy) and G.O.D. (Gods of Destruction). During junior high Ovie learned the method of graffiti from his mentors Saze, Crime2, and Alroc. By 1992 Ovie was already a hardcore bomber when he was noticed by Cope2 and put down with Cope’s crew G.O.D. During the mid 90’s Ovie started learning street art and piecing, burners, and wildstyle due to the influence of the great RIS crew on the clean trains movement which included Ghost, Ven, Bruz, Ket, and JA. Ovie is a hardcore writer and still follows the clean train movement from where this art culture once started.
He became a very well known Graffitti artist one of New York’s heavy hitters.
A long with the With all the fame and glory came a lot of attention not only from fans but he also became a target of NYC law enforcement.

The way the vandal squad got Ovie was thourgh a search warrant executed on Utah..It turns out that some of Ovie’s trains were emailed to Utah..While Utah was in Europe the vandal squad executed a Internet search warrant on her email accounts..They found loads of Ovie’s transit work..

using only a public defender took a plea deal of 2 to 4 year bid for graffiti.He was the first graffiti artist to serve time up north strictly for the act of graffiti.
Ovie surrendered in 2009 He then served 10 months and was released after successfully completing the “Shock Program” upstate.
Ovie has been mentioned in books such as
Vandal Squad Inside the New York City Transit Police Dept.” by Joseph Rivera
Newspaper and magazine articles and is currently working on his auto biography.
The legendary Ovie now focuses his energy and talent on his canvases.his work is no longer considered graffiti. instead of vandalizing walls around NYC he now decorates walls with his art and exhibits his work on gallery walls and other such venues around the city.His innovative technique and original style combined with his use of color never fails to catch the eye.His creativity knows no bounds.


IMG-20120609-00259 ov1 OVIE 97 ovie blue piece Ovie_Serve medium strip.. OVIE1 PURPLE silver red truckin


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