While many might associate introversion to shyness, up and coming rapper, Lee Mitty is far from bashful. While the Baltimore bred rapper does consider herself to be an introvert, her  music proves otherwise.  Growing up in the “hard streets” Baltimore – as she describes it – Lee Mitty learned to live life boldly because tomorrow is never promised. There, she was introduced to Hip Hop at an early age: “It has always been a part of my life.” Mitty developed her own taste for Hip Hop when she was introduced to Wutang Clan’s music by a relative. While her love for Hip Hop, as a fan, was present early on, Mitty was an athlete first. It wasn’t until she reached college and she heard Kanye West’s “College Dropout,” when she considered making her own music.
Inspired by the music of OutKast, Kanye West and everything else in between that boasted unique sounds,  Mitty’s sound is undeniably groove-driven, hypnotic and emotive. Aspiring to be a successful artist whose music makes an impact on people to invoke change, as well as to be a business owner, Mitty is ready to spearhead any obstacle set on her path.
Completely new to the scene, with no previous projects released, Mitty shows promise and in turn, she promises to deliver in 2016.
Twitter: @Lee_Mitty 


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