#TAGSandHASH (Karen Farmer) AUSTRALIA – Presented by @thevandalhour


I paint what I like to look at and I think graffiti is beautiful. I wanted to capture it, commemorate it, show the regard in which it should be seen. So I paint in oil paint, on a canvas that I hand make, draw on precious discontinued train tickets or high quality paper

hoping that my work will be identified as an acknowledgement of the unrecognised hero’s – of the truest freedom of expression in art and the realest art of today.

Sydney graffiti is close to NYC graffiti in style and both have influenced me greatly. I watch a constantly changing dialogue around me and when at art school would wonder more about why awesome art on the streets was buffed whilst tiring of the images shown to me in galleries as contemporary art.

Totally blessed I have been able to paint some of my favorite writers doing their thing and have been able to bring my interpretation of their work to a fine art environment by having it exhibited in fine art galleries in both Sydney and New York, as well as several pieces in fine art collections.

But mainly I have been able to make these paintings for the writers themselves, and a lot of them don’t have the understanding of how highly their work is seen outside the graffiti community, my hope is that they will.







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