John Arvanitis was raised by his grandparents while both of his parents were focused on their business interests. After graduating from the Horace Mann School, he concentrated on his music career in collaboration with producer John Jayd Daniels. in 2012, he founded the Akillezz Records label. Arvanitis chose the name “Akillezz” as an allusion to the ancient mythological figure, Achilles. He describes his professional pseudonym as both a reference to his Greek heritage and also to the “sins” that comprise his personal Achilles’ heel – though he does not elaborate on what those sins might be. He registered “Akillezz” as a trademark in 2015. His first two singles off the Transgressionzz album, “One Level” and “Anything” became regional hits in Los Angeles and Vegas clubs and radio in early 2015. His most successful record off the Transgressionzz album, “Punching Bag” was released on April 8, 2015 featuring model and actress Charlotte McKinney and directed by Ben Griffin of Prime Zero Productions. His first single “One Level” broke at Power 105.1, WWPR-FM, spun by both DJ Self and DJ Suss One and later picked up by DJ Spynfo at Hot 97(WQHT New York). “Punching Bag” directed by Ben Griffin[6] has been the most virally successful music video, although not necessarily the most successful single in terms of sales. While he asked Griffin to bring “Punching Bag” to life in a video, Akillezz was the sole author of the film treatment and retains intellectual property rights in it.

In November 2015 Akillezz released “Circus“, in collaboration with Tony Yayo (G-Unit)

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