QASSETTES: The New Cassette Industry.


In an age where vinyl is making a storming (with a small comeback) it’s only logical that minds turn to other forms of media to see if they can be rerinsed to make some cash from hipsters. And bugger me if the venerable cassette isn’t popular all over again. Capitalising on this are the QRATES team — we covered their somewhat spiffing vinyl service a little while ago, and it looks like they’re aiming to do the same thing with cassettes too… or QASSETTES as they would have you call it.
The process is the same as QRATES — upload your music, design your cassette, and start the funding process to make it happen. Looking at the image, you get a choice of cassette colour and I would imagine that this extends to printed label and inlay too.
I do have a nostalgic love for cassettes. Being of an age where I can say that I made and sold mixtapes in my local record shop, it’s hard for me not get behind such a venture. And while I know that they wouldn’t be doing this without thinking that there’s a demand, I struggle with the idea that people would go back to carrying around walkmans, putting up with lower quality than digital audio, and having to FF to the next track. But it’s not just about the portability or quality — it’s about having something tangible and real in your hands again.



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