just what hip-hop needs, Authenticity.
Disco Black from Harlem NYC brings
raw uncut and explicit truth not only thru Bars, But through harmony and singing aswell.

Hitting the sceen early 2011 with the East Harlem RYDA MUSIC GROUP As a producer Disco Black has been persistent in producing and writing quality Hits. Taking a minor set back while doing 30 months in The Ray Brook Federal Corr. Institution. Disco Black inhanced his craft by learning to play Not only 4 string bass but 6 string guitar and Drums aswell.
Now being a writer of Rap/Rock/Pop/R&b/Reggae Disco Black is Ready to take the Music industry By storm. With His new project “DIRTY PISS TAPE” and upcoming debut Album MS.VIRGINIA_SON Disco Black just wants to share with Listeners his Pain, his joy, and his Life!

Current projects out “WORK” available on iTunes, Apple music, Spotify, Google play, amazon music, and 200 other digital stores.
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twitter: discoblack2
instagram: disco_black
facebook: deebleezy


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