#TAGSandHASH (SPRAY) Presented by @thevandahour


When I was young i was always attracted to colors and art. In elementary school I Discovered That I had the talent to draw which always stuck to me. Growing up in the Bronx I used to always see these writings on the walls and could never understand it but drew to my attention vigorously. In middle school that’s where I met my home boy ONEK who was already experienced in the Graff life. He showed me the ropes and took me out bombing for the first time. The feeling of holding down that cap and hearing the paint leave the can for the first time is indescribable. I knew I wanted to write just didn’t know how deep in this life style I wanted to go. I knew I had to choose a tag that I fucked with , was original and was gonna stay with me. At the time I was writing “JOKES” and I got in trouble with the teachers in school so i had the change my shit. I then came up with the name “SPRAYCAN” cause anyone who ever bombed always used a spray can so that kinda stuck to me but I shortly changed it to “SPRAY” cause it was more shorter and quicker for me to tag. Once I had my name set it was over, I wanted to write on anything possible with no regrets…so I did. Me and ONEK was fucking reckless writing our names on everything in sight tryna get up. I then met REUPS and RUDE a while later through ONEK . We became cool, was all young bombers who thought we was the shit but toys in reality only thing that mattered was we had the heart to paint the streets.  After a couple of months of painting I was already gaining the knowledge on how to move, what to hit and how to hit it. That’s when I incorporated my skills of climbing that I always had from young prior to graffiti. In a way Graff improved my climbing and climbing improved my Graff.  Growing up two writers who always stood out to me were PK and KID. These guys had balls, the spots they had you could tell they just didn’t give a fuck. From the middle of water towers, to the sides of buildings I had always wondered how the fuck these niggas got up there. They did in a way have something to do with  the way I bomb today. Heaven spots are deff my top thing to hit cause not everyone got the balls to do it. I don’t think bout shit once I’m hitting a high spot , only thing that goes through my head is being careful nothing else. I been bombing for a couple years now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This shit is a drug that runs through my veins. I’m addicted fuck it… Real Bronx Vandal!!!!!!

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