#TAGSandHASH (HOPS) Presented by @thevandalhour


I grew up in Bedstuy, Bushwick Brooklyn in the early 80’s to the mid 90’s.
I started creating art as a kid, inspired by growing up in the era’s Comic-books, Cartoons, Starwars movies, WWF Wrestling, Stylewars & the J Train Lines Graffiti Tags & Pieces. Since 1988, I’ve been doing graffiti art, mural art & illustration professionally.

When I create art, illustration, mural or graffiti art I want to open the mind of the viewer.  I enjoy stories that Invoke excitement and creates reaction.  I’m a fan and student of storytelling.  I strive for my work to illustrate, enlighten and question the mind.

Throughout the years I’ve acquired commissions from several art buyers including magazines & book illustration.  poster & album cover art. licensing & t-shirt design companies. radio,  advertising and financing businesses, and private & city funded mural projects. I continue to create custom artwork, mural & graffiti art and effective illustration.

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