#TAGSandHASH (SHAZ) presented by @thevandalhour


It all started in 1993 when I first came to the realization that Graff actually existed. I remember going to P.S. 86 in Jamaica, Queens which was right in front of Hillcrest Highschool. When we had recess I used to look in the school yard of Hillcrest and remembered seeing end to end burners. Graff on Graff on Graff. I remember seeing a Web 113 fill in. It was the first time I ever consciously read Graff, and from there on the addiction was born.
I actually started writing in 1994 at the age of 11. It was back then that I came up with the tag “SHAZ”and have been writing it ever since. I started bombing on a regular basis in 1996. That was when I moved back to my old hood, Astoria and from there on I hooked up with my peoples, MZRE, CRAE and SHIV. It was in n 1996 that I moved back to Astoria and it was an eye opening experience. Before then, I was kinda secluded from the Graff scene by living all the way out in Lindenwood, on the other side of Queens. Riding the N line blew me away. At that time, it was destroyed with an array of colors by American accents. It was that moment I realized I was going to take over the N line and really be about this Graff life.
I met AE21 at the beginning of ’96 right before I moved back to Astoria. We were all walking down Woodhaven heading to a neighborhood feast and all of a sudden AE jumps on the front of a bus and pretends to catch a tag in the middle of traffic. He then hops down and casually walks off. I was only13 and from the jump, I knew this kids was a little crazy white boy. After I took over the N line in ’97 with MZRE, SHIV, CRAE and GSA, I knew I had to go all city. I was 14 when I started linking up with writers through out all the boroughs, especially the Bronx through ate brt. I linked up with BRT, BTC and BTB crews. Until this day those dudes are like family. Northface and Polo was the regiment. Apollo and Dolomite Boots continued to bomb steady into the 2000’s representing IRT, BP, ILLY, BRT and then around 2001 was when the second ILLY wave came. POE DE 13 RINO, SEIZE, DAEV 21, KID BA, BES, SED, LES FB, NEL, ACRE RK, WAKKO and a few.







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