WATCH: Here is a great way to learn the piano with @skoovenews (Video)


Skoove have been busy beavering away behind the scenes in order to keep moving forward their intuitive online Piano teaching website.

As part of their ongoing commitment to the mass of users already signed up they have now introduced to the service the world’s first interactive keyboard course for music producers, which covers harmony and arrangement and features iconic dance tracks from the likes of Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Eminem, and Massive Attack.

Whilst there are a wealth of popular songs already on the site for budding musicians to get to grips with, the new Keyboard Course for Producers is the first time that the dance music scene has been covered in such a way.

Learning to play the piano/keys with Skoove is a great way to tighten up those skills which will be invaluable for your productions.



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