#TAGSandHASH (NOXER) Presented by @thevandalhour


Noxer, is a Ghetto Artist extraordinaire born in brooklyn ny. He has been Writing since 1989, and since then he has made his mark in and on Society. Ranging from funky hand styles to eloborate master pieces. noxer is the president of the crew d.o.d(department of defense). He also made his own brand with his iconic character black man, which you see in a lot of his art work, throwies and even his puppets he created. His career is vast, He has collaborated with Eminem and yela wolf, Joey badass, to even doing graphics in Marc Eckos,”Getting up” video game to name a few. Noxer has even traveled to Spain for the biennial In Tenerife. Noxer has also worked with Alife on a tee last year that sold out quickly and now hes working on his own clothing line, which is in development. Noxer is Currently exhibiting his work and focusing on expanding globally, focuses on producing art with meaning and substance, clever concepts and strong execution making him a well rounded artist. He is still in the field and he hasn’t stopped, and he dosen’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


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