#TAGSandHASH (EASY) Presented by @thevandalhour


Easy was born in Brooklyn, NY in the late 60s. He had a strong interest in music, astronomy, physiology, anatomy and sports. Shortly after moving to Manhattan he was initiated into the culture of graffiti art lead by his older brother Sinone and particularly his cousin Josh5. Easy was first Known as LC in 1982 but it did not take him long to change his art name to something with more style. While he was painting the subway lines with his partners Joz. Josh5 and to a lesser degree Ghast, they created an historic street movement that inspired thousands around the world. His later partner TEKAY TNR joined a few years after. The crew kept NYC graffiti alive while the train movement was on a decline. Easy is known by many as the blueprint while Joz and Easy are the most omnipresent writers in the history of Graff and still active to this day.
Easy has been featured in music videos by some legendary entertainers such as Queen Latifah, Mad Lion, KRS-One and most recently the song “Buckshot” by the much hyped artist Macklemore. He has also lent his famous handstyle to the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 5” from Rock Star Games. His tag can be seen in many movies, TV shows, books, magazine, commercials, newspapers etc. During his career he has painted with some notable writers such as Kit17, Cope2, Duel Ris, Sev TdT, Sen4, Jaone, Trap IF, Chama and Bester. His primary Crews are TDM, RLB, TNR, IF, 156, WKS, TNS, MG, KRT, KD, XMEN & MCI.

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