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Jaylo Ynn aka Jec Btp. Started out in 1982 but didn’t get my feet wet until 1984. Before I was 13 years old, I already found myself in the train yards, and lay ups with the big boys. I grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn where I held the graffiti title: King Of Brownsville from 1988-1993. Ran with some of the most ruthless Brooklyn graffiti bombers during my reign. My partners were: 2MUCH, CERS, DUG 167, POES TF, NASH BBK, KONER U5, SLICK OWA, and STEM YNN later on. In 1993, I retired and became an artist doing positive work in Brownsville with the late Patricia Dean from the Glenmore Houses. Today I am an entrepreneur, selling canvases world wide and doing murals all around New York City. I personally on my spare time; mentor older writers in my line of work, such as VEDO 180, and BESTER from The Bronx.

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