@klaydot – Burn Slow (Produced By @stwobeats)



Its amazing how sometimes how you stumble on new talent in this music business. I was listening to my boy Chi City music on soundcloud and all of sudden I was blown away when the player switched to this record from a artist I never heard of at all…..

Introducing Columbus, OH own Klaydot. Listening to his record “Burn Slow” he talks about wanting to aligning his career with Drake‘s OVO label which is distributed by Warner Bros. Whether that will happen it remains to be seen. I definitely think he has the talent to do so.

I know some of you are like Cash how do you know?
Well I’m the one that discovered OB OBrien and brought him to the music world so I would say I have a good ear from talent.

Do you think he has the talent to make in the mainstream hip hop world. You be the judge?


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