Independent Artist Sptlight: WordSpit


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York (East New York to be exact) under the care of his young mother and a hustling musician for a father, WordSpit’s humbling beginnings served as an early inspiration for what is now his rapidly growing career in music. Given the name WordSpit by his brother, WordSpit set out to ensure that the verses that flew from his lips were nothing short of potent. Having Cannibus, Nas and Rakim as influences, combined with an energetic and charismatic stage presence WordSpit is the representation of everything that has been great about Hip-Hop in the past and takes it to the next level.

WordSpit began building his music career by creating a buzz in the New York underground music circuit. Through open mic’s, solo shows, and random freestyle sessions anywhere people were willing to rap at in early 2009. WordSpit caught the attention of many with his persistence to be one of the greats in music. Selected to be a correspondent for Source Magazine at 2010’s SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, 2010’s Most Dynamic Solo Artist by the Underground Music Awards and his most recognizable accomplishment, bringing his charm, diverse rapping abilities to one of McDonalds nationwide television and radio campaigns. September of 2011 WordSpit and Team ILLest got together with MTV Staying Alive Organization with a sponsorship from Rocawear to put on his first headlining concert at the well known venue S.O.B’s which reached its maximum capacity with over 500 people in attendance.

WordSpit along with The ILLest became the first band to be invited to perform at the Rocawear/Artful Dodger showrooms at the Rocnation headquarters where Hip-Hop Mogul Jay-Z was in attendance. Continuing to be the first artist to be apart of amazing things WordSpit made  history at The Break Contest. Given a contract immediately after their performance to perform at Bamboozle, becoming the first band that ever happened to since Bamboozle began running the contest. After being crowned Break Contest Champions of Long Island WordSpit & The ILLest moved on to the Grand Finals and placing second in front of a sold out crowd at the Gramercy Theater.

Coming in second at The Break Contest WordSpit & The ILLest received the opportunity to open for Lil’ Wayne at Bamboozle 2011 which was held at the New Meadowland Stadium. November of 2011 WordSpit & The ILLest graced the stage at Drom for BET Music Matters which lead him to be one of the first artist to be featured in the BET Music Matter Webisodes on the BET website.

Most recently, You may have seen WordSpit and his band, “The ILLest” gracing the stage on NBC’s hit television show “America’s Got Talent”. Aside from the genre- mashing mix of cover – originals songs performed through the first two rounds, the MC and his band greatest risk was made when they decided to perform an all out original piece, Called “Light’s Cameras, Action” in the Quarter final round. Though they received a standing ovation and were met with roars and applause by those in attendance tot he live show, they were eliminated for being original.

Their elimination wasn’t the result of America’s vote, but rather by a last minute “Judges Choice” decision. The newest (and sternest) judge this season, Howard Stern championed WordSpit & The ILLest for their originality and musicianship and lauded their performance, voting for them to continue on the show. Though Howie Mandel said” You were and are my favorite group that has ever been on this show…I love the original song, I would buy that single, I would listen that single! he and Sharon Osbourne felt that WordSpit had mad a mistake by performing and original song and ultimately voted against him and the band.

With the release of his previous indie album “The Coolest Bboi Stance” and the anticipation of his new music that is soon to be released, WordSpit is ready to take the industry by storm. WordSpit speaks boldly about each element of life – never afraid to show emotion. His message is clear and a place as a rapper is cemented. If lyricism, stage presence, and innovation are key elements to being a great entertainer, WordSpit is poised to go down as one of the greats.


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