Collette (@collettable) feat. @AkilDasan – Material Star (Remix) (Official Video)

It’s only Tuesday, cheer up. Having trouble? Take a look listen to this fresh new track from Collette featuring Akil Dasan and try not to feel good afterwards.

Props: @FionaBloom

The Material Star video follows Collette and collaborator Akil Dasan as they team up to spread a little music and positivity on a sunny day in Harlem. After literally bumping into one another, the two put on an impromptu sidewalk show for some excited new fans. They go on to meet a few pint-sized backup dancers on a nearby playground, who help bring the Material Star message of freedom and fun to life.

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Collette (@collettable) feat. @AkilDasan – Material Star (Remix) (Official Video)
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