Los Rakas x Scheme, “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero” [Who Do You Love]


Times like this and whenever I watch Telemundo I wish I paid more attention in Spanish class. But I did pay attention in music class and I know classic material when I hear it. Want to take a 3 minute trip to the Caribbean? Let’s go.

Oakland’s Los Rakas stay getting love from us for consistently throwing dancehall into their eclectic “Panabaynian” rap sound but they’ve also been known to indulge in the occasional reggae vibes. Such was the case, for instance, with “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero” from their 2009 Panabay Twist 2 mixtape. Three years later, that track has now been updated in the form of a remix that sees the addition of Chicago rapper Scheme (not to be confused with our doops Scheme of Brooklyn’s Old Money), who shores things up with a solid verse en espanol. The romantic theme of course fits right in with that of their latest project, the Valentine’s Day Raka Love EP.

Props: LargeUp.com


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