Reebok Turns To The Hip Hop Monsters For A Twist In Sales.


It’s no secret that Nike has been hip-hop’s #1 Sneaker of Choice since your uncle was pop, lock & dropping at the Family Reunion. From Air Force One’s to Air Jordans to Air Yeezy’s, Nike has dominated hip-hop’s footwear department forever. Not that they haven’t had some stiff competition. RUN-D.M.C. all but eliminated that with their signature shell top Adidas, a hip-hop staple to this day. But Nike has always remained on the mountain top. Reebok, no stranger to the hip-hop community, especially with the Reebok pump that dominated the culture for a year or two, have began a new campaign spearheaded by hip-hop’s prince of fashion, Swizz Beatz. With the introduction of sleek new designs, it seems as if they are gunning for the crown.

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