Dj Spotlight: Dj Tony B (Bangkok, Thailand)


Made in Chicago, Illinois, born in Bangkok, Thailand (November 1976), and raised in Southern California. Being a 70's baby, 
of course I heard my relatives playing Bee Gees, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix etc. My cousins were on that Black Sabbath and AC/DC joints. 
But when my parents decided to move to Pomona, California some time in the early 80's thats where I discovered Hip Hop/Rap. Thanks to my 
neighbors bumpin' N.W.A and The Fat Boys all day! (R.I.P Buff Love) From then on I knew that that's where my heart was at. Falling in love 
and tapping into all of the elements of Hip Hop, I made sure this was permanently tangled into my DNA.
When we moved to Rancho Cucamonga, yes, Rancho Cucamonga, in the late 80's somebody gave me 'The Adventures of Slick Rick'thats what 
made me curious about the final element, Djing. But mixing with 2 tape decks on a Fisher stereo and no funds to buy Dj Equipment, that idea was out the window.
Then in 1995, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand.  Thats when it got serious.......
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With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment business, including:
1996 - Nanacha album w/ Grammy Entertainment (today known as GMM)
1999 - Da Killerz album w/ H.O.F
Being one of the pioneers of hip hop/rap in Thailand. Shout outs to the old school AA Crew!

- Route 66 (RCA) - resident (
Got my first break at one of the hottest clubs in Bangkok, which is still standing till today. 
ROUTE66 RCA (Royal City Avenue) Bangkok, Thailand

- Denon Digital Dj Competition
Knowing well that I wasn't going to win, I entered a Digital Dj Competition. #FAIL 
1 year later I entered again, this time taking 1st place in 2/3 round battle.

- 96.5fm Bangkok Beat (the After Party show)

- 97.0fm - Step Up 97 (the Beatdown)
In 2001 I hosted a late night dj mix show called the After Party which gained a massive amount of listners 
and soon became number 1 on THE air and birthed a mixtape titled after the show.
- The After Party mixtape (House Party vol.1)

2009 - Current

- AWhatUp RADIO (
Made guest appearances on an online radio show hosted by Bangkok Invaders own MC Petchy O.D Wan.
Powered by Bangkok Invaders and Thaitanium Ent.
Held down residencies and guest appearances at clubs and major events such as:
808 (RCA)
-The Embassy (Thonglor 10)-Play (Thonglor 10)
-FBar (Fashion TV)-BedSupperClub (Sukhumvit 11)-Lan Ska (Ram Indra) for Deep O Sea (reggae/ska band)

-Love Song @ Sea Concert by GMM Grammy (Cha Um Beach)-Dusit D2 (pattaya)-Club Inch Ratchada
-Club LED (RCA)-Club Welfare (Sukhumvit 11) yadda yadda
And of course still holding it down at ROUTE66

Rocked parties internationally such as:

- Club Aloha KL, Malaysia

- The Riverhouse Lounge Phnom Penh, Cambodia

-1996-Nanacha (w/'Brother, Mikey & Robert)
-1999-Da Killerz (w/Simon, ChowChow & AA) 
-2000-The 96.5fm AfterParty mixtape
-2010-Bangkok Invaders the Western Conference mixtape (in cahoots with Dj S.G & Dennis tha Menace of Thaikoon)
-2011-RUN DUB - Welcome to da Meatmarket (Dubstep Mixtape)
-In the works-RUN DUB - BudduB (Chilled Dubstep)
                      - WC2 (w/Dj SG-Bangkok Invaders)

I adapt and embrace all types of music. But hip hop is where my heart is at. Whatever I'm tapping into, 
it's always gonna have that hip hop scent to it. My main goal is to rock a party and keep the listeners entertained. 
Shouts to all the Djs and musicians in the world. Without a beat, the world would have no rythm.

Major shouts to @DigiwaxxMedia @GYVISNYC and @DJFATFINGAZNYC for giving me this DJ Spotlight. Bless & Respects.

PHONE: +668 1171 1909
BB PIN: 21144131



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