CALLING ALL PRODUCERS!! MIMS x Sountrack Beatbattle


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Kanye West brought the samples from Chicago, Swizz Beatz made us love the sounds of New York, and Jermaine Dupri made us bounce to the beat of Atlanta. Now, it’s Nashville’s turn.”There’s a movement going on down here,” said Bryan-Michael Cox at last summer’s Soundtrack Beat Battle Grand Finale. And apparently, Cox isn’t the only one to take notice of what’s happening with hip-hop in Nashville. In fact, multi-platinum, Grammy award winning, billboard charting, hip-hop producers and artists are making their way to “Music City” as well to witness one of the hottest and most competitive beat battles in the nation.

The Soundtrack Beat Battle, launched in January 2010, was created by local singer, songwriter, producer and business owner, Coko Korinne. “I was tired of people telling me that there was no way for an urban artist to get discovered in Nashville! Everyone says ‘Move to a bigger city’, but I knew that we [Nashville] had just as much talent as any other place; someone just needed to bring the record labels to Nashville. So I decided to step up to the plate,” says Coko. And now, less than a year after the Soundtrack Beat Battle was launched, it has showcased the talents of over fifty undiscovered producers from across the nation in front of super-producers like Bryan-Michael Cox and Boi 1 Da, A&R reps from major labels, celebrity managers, and established artists.

On January 29, 2011, the beat battle kicks off a new season at a new venue with new sponsors; including EQ Magazine, Scion, SAE Institute, and last year’s sponsors, Big Fish Audio & Sony/ATV. Along with new sponsors, the Soundtrack Beat Battle boasts even bigger prizes. While the grand-prize winner will still get $2500 worth of product from Big Fish Audio, and a pitch meeting with the Vice President of Urban A&R at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. This year’s grand prize winner will also win $1000 cash and be featured in EQ Magazine. The biggest prize of all, however, involves Mims, a rap-artist from New York, whose first single, “This is Why I’m Hot” rose from #32 to #1 within the first two weeks of its release. The grand-prize winner will produce record and shoot a video with Mims; and have the song sold on iTunes and blasted to 50,000 DJ’s across the country via Digiwaxx. The Soundtrack Beat Battle is returning the favor and supporting Mims during his online contest called [Open] Bars, which is a competition to see who can rap the best verse and make the best beat to an acapella MIMS track!

“I have a feeling that the Soundtrack Beat Battle is gonna be beyond epic this year,” offers last year’s winner, Mike Ewing. We don’t have to wait long to find out if Ewing’s right. The new season of the Soundtrack Beat Battle kicks off January 29, 2011 at Limelight in Downtown Nashville (201 Woodland Street. 37213) at 8pm, with an after-party with G2 Entertainment starting at 10. This month’s judges include Def Jam’s Shaun Beastley, rap-artist Kia Shine, and mega-producer Nitti. For more information, visit or email



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